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4 Things To Know About Your Precision Machining Company

For manufacturers, fabricators and innovators in the aerospace, motorsports, firearms, semiconductor or other industries, having precision machining company you can rely on is priority one.

Finding the right precision machining company doesn’t happen by accident. It takes some online research and some considerations of the services, options, and features each company can offer. There is a difference in what can be expected from different companies providing precision machining, and it is important to consider several factors.

Company History

The history or background of a precision machining company is an important consideration. In this industry quality, the ability to design to specifications and also the ability to get the job done on time is essential. Companies which fail to do these things simply don’t stay in business.

However, in addition to the history of the company, it is also important to work with a precision machining company with outstanding professional and technical staff. Top companies will have management and staff with real-world experience in areas of focus including the aerospace industry, military supply, energy systems and even in the design and development of specific applications.

Total Quality Management

Total quality management (TQM) is a system-wide approach to running a business. It focuses in on the details of each step of production, including the responsibilities and commitment of each staff member, in producing the best possible product each and every order.

By working with a precision machining company using TQM you can be assured of continual quality control and testing throughout the machining process, as well as the use of the most exacting technology and equipment. The result of this rigorous production is machining to a high standard of specifications built around your needs and the requirements of the industry.

Certifications and Registrations

In the very exacting industries, including semiconductors, aerospace and the machining for the military, checking the certifications and registrations of the precision machining company you care considering is essential.

Companies that are AS9100/ISO 9001 certified may also be important to consider depending on your machining needs. This is particularly important for ensuring the shop is using the standardized quality management system required by the aerospace industry.

Choosing a precision machining company wisely will ensure all orders are delivered on time and as ordered. It will also provide you with machining for everything from standard alloys to exotic materials, providing you with a true one-stop machining company for all your needs.

At Precision Engineering, we use Total Quality Management systems to provide the highest quality parts for any industry. To learn more about our precision machining company go to

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