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Premier CNC Machining Services

You may not be familiar with CNC which stands for Computer Numerical Control but it has been a part of almost every manufacturing process since the early 1970s, when personal computers were introduced in the marketplace. At Precision Engineering, our precision machining services are used to create quality precision machined components.

Precise Motion Control

Automatic, precise, and consistent motion control is the most basic function of any CNC machine. Precision CNC machining enables motions to be controlled through commands which are programmed by a computer. Our CNC production machining allows our CNC machine tools to program the type and amount of motion, the axis to move, and the rate of motion so that we can provide high quality machined components demanded by the industries of today.

Our CNC machine services are sophisticated enough to use 5 axis CNC machining so that a CNC machine has the ability to move a part or tool along five different axis at the same time. This CNC precision machining means that we can produce many types of highly complex and intricate components from a wide variety of materials.

Benefits of CNC Machining Services

At Precision Engineering, we are able to improve the automation in our CNC machine shops as we can leave our CNC machines unattended for hours or even days if necessary, so that operators can focus on other tasks.

We can also produce parts more quickly in our CNC machining center as multiple steps can be programmed simultaneously and components can be turned around in a timely fashion. The cost savings that result from the ability of the operator to take full advantage of raw materials and the degree of accuracy delivered by a CNC turning center decreases waste. This means we can offer you, our customer, competitive pricing and high quality service.

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