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Tips For Getting The Best Value With CNC Precision Machining

When CNC precision machining is required to create parts for the aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, military or other industrial use, staying within the project budget while ensuring top quality is always a major consideration.

Taking the time to compare various aspects of companies offering CNC precision machining is more than just looking at the bottom line. After all, there are many different machine shops offering CNC machining which are not set up to provide the exacting standards and specifications required in specialized industries.

Costs and Quality

Cost is always going to be an important considering in choosing a company to handle CNC precision machining. However, simply going by cost alone is not only a bad choice, but it can also potentially result in lower quality machining services.

An experienced, professional and customer-focused precision machining company will be very competitively priced for the job, and there is the added satisfaction of finding a CNC precision machining company that is a service provider you can use for all your machining needs going forward.

Compare Equipment

The best companies will have the latest and most up to date equipment. This includes both hardware and software to complete all CNC precision machining applications. Top companies will provide customers and potential customers with an inventory of their machining capabilities by listing their equipment, as well as the specific services offered.

Quality Control

When a company uses a systemic approach to quality control within their facility, the results are always superior. Look for a company providing CNC precision machining which uses Total Quality Management in all their projects. This will provide the customer with the best quality of final product regardless of the size of the order.

The best companies will also choose to use only NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified instruments. This is added certification to make sure every instrument and piece of equipment is correctly calibrated through all uses.


Being able to deliver the parts needed on the timeline require is another essential consideration in choosing a company for CNC precision machining services. Even if the price and quality are great if the delivery is unreliable or consistently late, it is not going to be a positive experience.

There is more to choosing a company offering CNC precision machining than just comparing prices. Making sure the company is certified, uses top equipment and has the professional technicians to complete the order on time and to specifications are also critical factors to consider.

At Precision Engineering, we use only NIST certified instruments and Total Quality Management to ensure top quality parts for every order. To learn more about our CNC precision machining services see us online at

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